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About Us

London Jewellery Inc is located in London, ON, Canada. It is part of London Coin Centre Inc owned by Kasia and her husband, Thomas. They specialize in buying and selling bullion, coins, estate jewellery and all numismatic items.

At London Jewellery Inc, they are offering you unique estate and vintage jewellery and collectibles with a wide range of beautiful gemstones and designs. Great way to spend money on yourself or someone close to your heart. Products are one of a kind!




Kasia Machaj

Kasia graduated UWO with a BA in Social Science but her passion for jewellery took her on a different path. She graduated the DCA Diamond and Coloured Stone courses. She is currently completing GIA’s AJP courses, while being a loving mother of two.


Natalie Osika

Natalie is a Business Marketing graduate. She joined Kasia & her team at the beginning of 2023 to help bring the beauty of London Jewellery Inc. to more people across North America. She manages all the social media platforms, customer communications and creative photography.